Income Builder

EARN FIXED RETURNS in the Medium Term

This account offers a fixed rate of interest over a one or two year period. With a minimum of J$100,000 and US$10,000, you can enjoy a fixed rate of interest that is very competitive. You also benefit from the cash flow provided by the interest payments that are made either monthly on the one year J$ option, quarterly on the two year J$ option, or semi-annually on the two year US$ option. Your funds are invested in low-risk securities such as Government of Jamaica Paper.

Why should I invest in the Income Builder account?

It’s safe

  • Your funds are invested in low risk securities.
  • Your funds are managed by JMMB, therefore you benefit from our unrivalled expertise.

It’s Easy

  • The fixed returns over a one or two year period help to protect against declining interest rates.
  • The periodic interest payments over the life of the investment provide a stable cash flow.

The returns are great

  • The periodic interest payments are automatically invested in a Save Smart account at JMMB, thereby increasing your overall returns.

Medium Term goals

*Conditions apply

How much do I need to open an account?

J$100,000 OR US$10,000

To download the Income Builder Schedule: Click here

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