Save Smart

EARN MORE INTEREST in the Short Term

This account operates similarly to a savings account. With amounts of JA$1,000, US$100, BP500, EU500 and CAN500 and over, you can invest in the Money Market, while having the flexibility to add and take from your account at anytime.

Why should you invest in a Save Smart Account?

It’s safe

  • Your funds are invested in low risk securities issued by the Government of Jamaica.
  • Your funds are managed by JMMB, therefore you benefit from our unrivalled expertise.

It’s easy

  • You have the flexibility of adding to or taking from your investment account at any time without penalty.
  • Our cambio facilitates converting funds between currencies (JA$,USD,BP,EU OR CDN$).

The returns are great!

  • JMMB pools your funds which allows you to benefit from higher rates of interest.
  • Interest is calculated daily and compounded monthly, so your money grows faster.

There is no management fee.

Best for:
Short to Long Term Goals
Building an emergency fund

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